Discover your journey

Become the hero of your own story

Human beings have invented stories to survive, to share knowledge, to inspire, to grow. Through stories we give meaning and sense to the experiences we have in live.

Being the hero of your own story means that you have a choice what meaning you make out of something. Therefor the stories you hold are meaningful for you. It matters what you call them.

There is no such thing as an innocent story. Stories are powerful. The more you are aware of the stories and storylines you are part of, the more you can be the hero who decides which way to go in life.

Discover the patterns in your life

Everyone is a treasure chest full of stories. Stories you are the hero of. Stories of moments in your life, situations in your team, experiences with customers of your organisation.

If you look at the different elements of these stories. The different layers these stories contain. You’ll discover patterns. Patterns for the reason of you success you weren’t aware of before. And also patterns that are holding you back to achieve your goal.

In every good story, bad guys (or girls), monsters and dragons appear. So the hero has to make choices what to do. Either defeating the dragon or conquer the treasure by a clever trick. There is one thing the hero knows for sure: he or she needs that treasure to achieve his goal.

Discover the treasure that your dragon guards!

Become the hero of your own career!

Career coaching by narrative approach

We focus on your work during career coaching.

A great part of our lives we work. Either in some organisation, or as a self-employed. If you don’t feel like being the hero of your own career story anymore. If you have the feeling you are locked in your work. It is time to take a closer look at the “Work Story” of your life.

We investigate what you want to achieve in your working life. What you already have. What your challenge is. What and who is in your support team. And who or what you need to achieve your “career goal”. Together we unravel your stories. In a story everything is possible. So dare to dream.

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Having a good business story..

… means that you will be succesful.

Doing business succesfully means, having a good story. Not ‘just made up’. Storytelling is not a tool.

A good business story is connected to yourself. To your inner fire why you started the business or why you attended the company. It is also connected to your customers.

Every company, every product, every service has a story. What is yours? Why do you do this job and not something else? What is your dream? Why should a customer choose your company?

Questions that are all part of telling your business story, whether in the form of a pitch or during a presentation to investors or in a sales conversation. Knowing what your story is, makes your business succesful.