Have you lost the common thread in your life (or in your work)?

Looking for coaching, where you can be the hero?

In narrative coaching we approach life as a story you are part of.
Maybe you feel like you are the problem. Maybe people around you say you are the problem. But in a story you can’t be the problem. You only might be a person who is having a problem.

And that sounds like the start of a good story. In every good story, the hero has to solve a problem to grow. In narrative coaching we can press the ‘pause button’ of your story and dive into it to discover what exactly causes the problem.

What triggered you as a hero? What stories or storylines are mingled at that moment we paused the story? It is about awakening you so you will be more aware of the stories you are part of.

Together we travel through your stories. Who are you as a hero? What is your identity? What stories and storylines created that identity? What thresholds need to crossed, so you can become the hero you want to be.

Sounds simple? Sorry, it is not. But stories are at the core of what makes us human. So as difficult as it might be sometimes, it is and stays a natural human process.

Narrative coaching

Which treasure is your dragon guarding?

In narrative coaching, narrative and storytelling techniques are used in addition to the usual coaching techniques. We look together at the elements from your own personal story. We put them next to the elements from the Hero’s Journey. The “monsters and dragons” that play a role in your life will then be seen in a different light.

The dragon has seven heads – to continue the storytelling metaphor for a while. Together we look at the different perspectives and possibilities that you have available to defeat your dragon.

Each dragon guards a treasure. The hero needs that treasure to continue on his journey. You can use that treasure in your life. You discover what that treasure means to you, what that treasure means and how you can use it for the rest of your life.

Duration of the journey

The duration differs per person, because every story is different. On average, a coaching trajectory takes 4 – 6 sessions of approximately 1.5 hours, in which we work one on one on the themes that you propose yourself. Do we need more time? Fine, then we extend our joint trip.

Self-employed and private persons pay per session.

Are the coaching sessions done with the focus on your work in consultation with your manager or your occupational physician? Then we start a bit differently:

We start with a three-way conversation between you, your manager and I. Your manager can also be replaced in the start of the coaching process by a counselor, or by the occupational physician. It is important that we have all the different points of view and expectations clear.

It might be the company who pays for the sessions, it is you, as the employee being coached who determines in which direction th journey goes. You are and will remain the hero of your own story!

Traveling together?

Every coaching process always starts with an intake interview. In this conversation we will get to know each other. And we will explore together what your focus will be during the sessions. What is the goal you, as a hero, want to achieve during this coaching journey.

And, of course, we have to sense and feel whether I am the right travel companion for you in this coaching journey.

Based on the intake interview, I will make a quotation. So you know How long this journey will take and, of course, what it will cost. This is an estimate. We decide per session, if you have reached your destination of not. As an individual you’ll pay per session. An organisation will get a refund the moment the coaching journey is shorter that planned.