Observe from a different perspective

A mirror for your team

A sensing journey – also called learning journey – is a method from Theory U (Peter Senge / Otto Scharmer MIT in Boston).

You participate in the day-to-day activities of someone from another organization or a different department than where you work yourself. This can be done individually but also together with a few colleagues. Without an agenda, without a goal. You watch and listen with an “open mind, open heart, open will” over the shoulder of the receiving party. You observe from a different perspective

Together on a ‘sensing journey’

Is your team or organization stuck in (old) patterns?
Do you have many plans, but are you not taking action?
Does the term “yes-but team” apply to you all?
Is your team unable to create support in your organization for the assignment you have?

Then a “sensing journey” is a great way to break through the deadlock.

Break through patterns

Experience how others experience your team

In a sensing journey you work on the basis of a personal question or intention. With this intention you will visit another organization or department. We prepare the visit thoroughly, but there is no agenda or goal. That is the power of a ‘sensing journey’. You watch and listen with an “open mind, open heart, open will” over the shoulder of the receiving party.

This gives you the opportunity to look at your own team from a different perspective and from someone else’s experience. How you listen and deal with certain situations. As a team you will be held up a mirror! And in addition to all those insights, it is an opportunity to experience and get to know each other better in an organization, separate from the daily activities and systematic perspectives.

The Sensing Journey consists of 3 parts


We prepare your sensing journey together or with the entire team. What is your personal goal? Who could you visit? What is the context you want to experience during your visit? What questions do you have? What patterns would you like to break?

The Sensing journey

The moment you look over the shoulder at another department or another organization


We reflect together on your experience. What ideas have you gained and how do you want to give them concrete shape within your team / organization? What success factors did you see at the company you visited?

Want to make a ‘sensing journey’ with your team?

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