The journey of a hero team

Join us on the road

Each team is made up of different stories. The organization has a story. Your team has a story. Your customers have stories. And you also have personal stories about who you are and why you once chose to work for this company and this team.

All stories together form the strength of your joint journey as a team, but they can also be a huge obstacle.

What journey do you make as a team?

Do you ever think about that together?
Once a year if the template of the team plan for management needs to be filled in, perhaps, but after that?
Do you match well and complement each other?
Is there a gap between what your customers want, what the team does and / or what management wants to be done?
How do you convert your ideas into concrete actions?

Reflecting on the stories and images that you all have about your team plan can help to reveal where everyone complements each other.

Discover the hero role of you and your team

For project or program teams and executives

Take the time to reflect on your stories and the accompanying travel plan.
Experience the power of the images you have with the different stories and learn to use them for your own contribution to the team.

Powerful leadership is listening and narrative leadership. This applies to personal leadership, also create leadership in a team or organization.

Listening leadership is:

  • Listening openly and without judgment to the stories of your team members takes you further as a manager.
  • Listening openly and without judgment to the stories of your colleagues, the management, your employees, your family and relatives, makes you work more complementary to each other instead of convincing or guiding.
  • Listen openly and without judgment to your own personal stories.

Narrative leadership is:

Each story is made up of four different layers. It doesn’t matter whether it is a fictional story, or a true personal story or an organizational story. These four layers are:

  • the factual layer (facts, figures, events, concrete data in your story)
  • the systemic layer (what is not said out loud, but do we feel it? What is said between the lines? Consider, for example, the upstream, downstream in organizations.)
  • the world view (what would the different stakeholders think of the story? Stakeholders, different characters from the story. What if you tell the story from their perspective, what happens?)
  • the metaphorical or archetypal layer (which images form the basis of the story? To what extent do these images influence our story?)

From listening and narrative leadership you come closer to your “Self” and you work more from your inner strength. The things you do as a team will take less effort, less energy, because if you put all those stories of the people in your organization together, you, your team and your organization will be fully empowered.

You don’t all have to have the same story, as long as your stories are aligned. A good team story is a powerful tool.

The better you have a picture of yourself as a hero and of the people around you, the better you can work with them. You can complement each other instead of working against each other.

From team story to action plan

You take the time in a creative and intuitive way to discover the power of your own stories and images in combination with the project or team plan. We work on the basis of elements from the “Hero’s Journey” and link the findings to recognizable (archetypal) images.

You will learn how to use the different stories in the steps that you want or have to take as a team. You work on the basis of your own assignment and the results are therefore directly applicable to you.

At the end of the workshop you will have concrete building blocks with which you can make your team story. You convert your ideas into concrete actions in a very targeted manner.

You have clear which stories or images within your team are (or could be) paradoxical. What your motives are and your obstacles.

Discover the team story and take action

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