Discover the Story of your Organization

Determine which stories are alive in your company

Storytelling is booming business. “If you can tell a story, you can create a world”, is often been said. But….

Storytelling is not a tool you can or has to learn. We are all storytelling human creators. We live stories, instead of creating them.

In your organization your corporate story, your vision and mission are very important. These ‘stories’ show the core message and core values you want to express. They seem to determine the direction for the future.

Underneath these official documents of the surface current in your company, there are a lot of other stories living:

  • Stories your customers tell about your customer service.
  • Stories your employees tell about your employership.
  • Stories being told at the coffee corner about what is ‘really’ going on in the under current of the organization.
  • Stories that ‘prove’ that the corporate values are adhered to, but also…
  • The counter stories and alternative stories that ‘prove’ the opposite.
  • And…. the untold and unshared stories that are active in your company. The stories everyone knows, but that aren’t openly talked about.

All these stories together are more powerful than the ones in the surface current.

If the stories in the surface current aren’t matching the ones in the under current, your organization (or at least parts of it) will be like an unmanageable ship.

Narrative organizational management is

Discover the power of the story in your organization

Every company, every service, every product has a story

The power of stories is impressive
But how do you use them successfully for your company
Stories can help you achieve what you want, but they can also hinder and bring you down.

Whatever the business, you are the hero of your story. It is your journey that you undertake. The journey of a hero, who encounters thresholds along the way. You need helpers, but you will also encounter dragons guarding a treasure that is invaluable to you.

Tell a good story

Storytelling training

What makes a story a good story? The power of a story is unprecedented.
But not every story is equally powerful and equally catchy.
How did that happen?

What makes a story a really good story?

Can anyone tell a good story?
Answer: YES!

Find out how to tell a good story.

De held van je eigen levensverhaal

Pitch training

60 sec. for an indelible impression

Tell your core story in 60 seconds
Who are you? What do you offer with your company, service or product? What problem do you solve for customers? Who are your customers? Where or how can they reach you?

To be able to pitch this in 60 seconds, you need to know exactly what the core of your story is. This is only possible if you have a clear picture of how you include your audience – your potential customers – in your story. Only then will they remember you and your company when they need you.

Tailor-made training for the organization?

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