A pitch is also a story

There is an old Chinese proverb that says:

Tell me the facts and I will forget …
Show me something and I might understand …
If you take me into your story, I will remember it!

Tell your core story in 60 seconds

  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer with your company, service or product?
  • What problem do you solve for customers?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Where or how can they reach you?

To be able to pitch this in 60 seconds, you need to know exactly what the core of your story is. This is only possible if you have a clear picture of how you include your audience – your potential customers – in your story. Only then will they remember you and your company when they need you.

The purpose of a pitch is to get you in touch with your potential customers (or investors). Only then can you ask questions about exactly what concerns the customer and what solution your product or service offers. In that conversation you can make the connection to eventually come to “sale”.

But unfortunately many pitches are a dry summary of facts. Especially during pitch evenings for start-ups, your pitch will get bogged down in this way among all the other dry lists of entrepreneurs.

Take the listener into your story!

Participate in the pitch training

and make an indelible impression

Share the enthusiasm, passion and pride you have for your company, product or service.

We will get started with your pitch.

In the morning we will consider the content of your pitch:

  • the core of your story
  • the logline
  • the experience you want to give
  • the structure and structure of your pitch
  • the goal, the target audience and their listening motive

In the afternoon we start working on your performance:

  • presentation techniques
  • presenting visually
  • playing with silences
  • interact with your audience
  • do’s and don’ts while pitching

Who is pitch training for?

The training is especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, product or program managers.
Do you pitch regularly and find it difficult to convey the core of your story. Then sign up now.

What are the benefits?

At the end of the day you will have:

  • a concrete pitch
  • the core of your business story
  • various story elements, which you can also use in pitches for other products or services of yours
  • concrete presentation tips & tricks that apply to you.


For € 199, you can follow this 1-day pitch training at a beautiful location near Zwolle and get a delicious organic lunch.

As soon as there are at least 6 registrations, I will discuss the date with those who have registered.