What makes a story a good story

The power of a story is unprecedented.
But not every story is equally powerful and equally catchy.
How did that happen?

What makes a story a really good story?

Can anyone tell a good story?
Answer: YES!


Find out how to tell a good story

  • what makes a story a good one.
  • what the construction of a good story is.
  • what you can and should pay attention to when preparing.
  • how to find the common thread of your story.
  • how you take your audience into account.
  • which layers make up a good story.
  • how to build and maintain tension in your story.

Storytelling training

The Storytelling training is given in small groups (6 – 8 people), so you have plenty of opportunity to practice. Because no matter how well I explain the theory around Storytelling, you only really learn by making flying hours.

You work with your own equipment during the training. This does not have to be a fully developed story. Better not! But make sure you have a topic that you want to tell about and that you already know a little bit about what you want to tell.

The training can be extended with one half-day, in which we pay attention to the performance. Do you also want to learn the presentation techniques to tell your story well? Please indicate this when registering.


The “Storytelling, tell a good story” training takes one day. If you also want to be coached on your presentation techniques, the training takes 3 half-days.

Costs depend on whether you are self-employed or whether your training is paid for by your employer. I think it is important that my training courses are accessible and affordable for everyone.

Interested in a Storytelling training?

Send me an email. When I have enough registrations, I will set a date for everyone to join.

If you want to follow the training in-company with your own group, please also contact me. Then we immediately plan a date that suits you.