Long long ago …

… a number of carpenters lived together in a village far from here. One of them found a young piggy in the forest one day. The piggy had fallen into a hole. The carpenter took it home and took care of it. The piggy grew up, became large and sturdy, had large crooked tusks, but was well behaved. While the carpenter was working on a tree, the piggy carried axes, knives, and shovels in its mouth after the carpenter. They made a good team together …

Speaker and chairman of the day

An interactive experience

As a speaker, I use stories (fairytales, myths and sagas) to show what we can learn from them for our daily work in organizations. I present a lively, varied and above all interactive story, in which I take my audience on a journey. The journey of their own story within their organization. Humor is the keyword.

As chairman of the day, I know how to monitor both the time and the theme. I listen carefully to what is being said and know how to summarize it briefly and concisely. I connect the different points of view and – if necessary – actively involve the public in this.

Thema’s/verhalen koptekst


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  • Tell stories and believe in miracles
    About the power of stories to actually change your organization
  • How do you have the right conversation
    About the stifling power of the conversations that have not been conducted in organizations
  • From Wanderer to Hero
    About the use of archetypes in brand experience and brand positioning
  • What image do you have of your organization?
    About the use of archetypes in internal and external communication
  • Collaboration is actually counteracting
    About how team members can complement each other better
  • Traveling together
    About organizational change as a Hero’s Journey (or actually of many heroes together …)

Meet Frédérique

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