Everything is possible in a story

Together we unravel your career story

Your work is central during career coaching.

We investigate what you want to achieve as the hero of your “career story”. What you already have at home and who or what you need to achieve your “career goal”.

Career coaching with a narrative approach

About heroes, dragons, helpers and mentors

I work from a narrative approach. In the Narrative Work we see life as a story or a journey that we are on. Each story consists of certain elements, the hero, the goal that the hero wants to achieve, “dragons or barriers” that work against the hero, helpers or mentors that help the hero further to achieve his goal, etc.

Approaching life, or part of it, for example your career, as a story helps you unravel its complexity. If you see life as a story, it forces you to make those fixed elements from that story specific and concrete on the one hand. For example who or what exactly is that “dragon” that is hindering me? And what does it take to defeat or avoid that dragon? On the other hand, everything is possible within a story. You determine your story and you also determine how it ends. Always!

Coaching from the narrative approach gives you tools to actually take control of your life again.

Become a hero of your own career

We explore your learning and coaching question.
Is there another question behind that question?
Which patterns and talents do you (re) know about yourself, which we can elaborate on.

In the process we work with various (narrative) coaching methods. Your career and your learning and coaching question are always the starting point.

We round off the process with a career / development advice, in which we summarize what you, as the hero of your own career, need to achieve your goal. This means, for example;
Which actions you are going to take very specifically.
Who or what can help you with this.
What choices you have made.

Want to know more about the narrative approach? Read my blog: How do you become the hero of your own (life) story?

Duration of the journey

A career coaching trajectory consists on average of six conversations of approximately 1.5 hours. The coaching process ends when you have an answer to your learning question or when you have reached your coaching goal. Sometimes we are ready after four meetings, sometimes it takes a little more than six meetings. You always only pay for those meetings that you actually attend.

On the road together?

We always start with an intake interview, possibly together with your manager, if the process is arranged from your work. This is not necessary, but sometimes advisable, for example because your manager can sometimes identify certain blind spots or patterns of yours that you do not yet see yourself.

Subsidy 45+ employees

Under the direction of Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment makes a subsidy available for employees who are 45+ and would like to receive development advice to increase their sustainable employability.

In addition, a subsidy is also available for managers who want to learn how to guide 45+ employees in their sustainable employability.

The purpose of this subsidy is to give workers over 45 an insight into their future prospects, both within their current work and in any other career options. This process results in a personal development plan, in which the participant has described what actions he will take in order to (be able to) continue to work until retirement.

The subsidy amounts to € 600 per participant.

Would you like to know more about this subsidy? Check the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.