Discover the strength of your team

Make the hero’s journey together

Reflecting on the stories and images that you all have about your team plan or organizational plan can help to show where everyone complements each other. Differences in a team are good, that makes you stronger, provided the differences do not counteract each other. We are often not even that aware of the additional effect of “differences”.

Powerful leadership is listening and narrative leadership.
This applies to personal leadership, also create leadership in a team or organization.

Listening and narrative leadership brings you closer to your “Self”. You work more from your inner strength. The things you do as a team will require less effort and less energy. If you put all those stories of the people in your organization together, you will be able to fully empower your team and your organization.

From team story to action plan

Are you a manager and do you feel that you have to pull a lot to get your team members moving?
Do you work with “self-managing teams”, but are you the one who is always steering?
Have you just undergone a reorganization and do you hear, do you notice, do you feel that there is still a lot of old pain, so that the new course is not really clear yet?
Is your absenteeism too high and can you not find a clear cause?
Is your team working completely against each other and are you unable to bring unity to it?

Stories and images in a team plan or organizational plan help to show where you complement each other with the differences. Each team is made up of different stories. The organization has a story. Your team has a story. Your customers have stories. And you also have personal stories about who you are and why you once chose to work for this company and this team.

All stories together form the strength of your joint journey as a team, but they can also be a huge obstacle.

The better you have a picture of yourself as a hero and of the people around you, the better you can work with them.

Together on a ‘sensing journey’

Observing from a different perspective

A sensing journey – also called learning journey – is a method from Theory U (Peter Senge / Otto Scharmer MIT in Boston).

You participate in the day-to-day activities of someone from another organization or a different department than where you work yourself. This can be done individually but also together with a few colleagues. Without an agenda, without a goal. You watch and listen with an “open mind, open heart, open will” over the shoulder of the receiving party. This gives you the opportunity to look at your own team from a different perspective and from someone else’s experience. How you listen and deal with certain situations. As a team you will be held up a mirror!

Customization for your team?

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