Where is the power of your business story

Every company, every product, every service has a story

What is your story as an entrepreneur?
From what strength do you operate?
Why should a customer choose your company?
But especially when !?

What makes your company unique?
What makes your product or service unique?
How do you convert your ideas into concrete actions?

Questions that are all part of telling your business story, whether in the form of a pitch or during the presentation to investors.

The power of stories is impressive

But how do you use them successfully for your company

Stories can help you achieve what you want, but they can also hinder and bring you down.

Whatever the business, you are the hero of your story. It is your journey that you undertake. The journey of a hero, who encounters thresholds along the way. You will need helpers, but you will also encounter dragons guarding a treasure that is invaluable to you.

Every good story is made up of 3 layers.
This structure can be compared to an apple. The outside – the shell – of your story is the external form. How do you tell your story in a presentation, on a website, in a vlog, etc.

The pulp is the content, the what of your story, the words and images you use.

The core – the kernels – of your story is why you tell your story. This is the connection with yourself, but also with your audience to whom you tell the story.

If you pay attention to these three layers in the preparation for your story, you will create building blocks with which you can give shape and content to your end product, but which also keep you in touch with yourself and with your customer.

Every business story has different layers

By reflecting on those different layers, you become aware of the story you are telling and what you can adjust to make it a success. We not only look at the facts (products and services you offer, the marketing channels, the financial picture, etc.), but also at the layers below.

What beliefs and obstacles do you have?
How do your stakeholders view you and your services / products?
Which archetypal metaphor suits you and your company?

Take the time to reflect on your travel plan.
Experience the power of your support team and learn to use them for your company. A good story is a powerful tool.

Doing business with a good story

Turn your business story into a good story with building blocks in words and images. These building blocks help you build all your stories.

I help you discover the power of your business story in a creative and intuitive way. You will receive a tailor-made case for a business plan, storytelling plan, pitch plan or presentation plan with concrete follow-up steps. And you will get to know your personal and business archetypal support team, with whom you can travel further.